Universal borrowing

Universal borrowing, i.e. requesting material for loan free of charge from the Oulu University of Applied Sciences Library and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Library.

Book request

You can place universal borrowing requests only for items that are not checked out. Please contact the library’s Interlibrary Loan Service if you wish to place requests for items that are checked out to another customer. Items requested through universal borrowing are delivered to the library you have selected as the preferred pickup location and you will receive notification by email when they are ready for pickup. You are not able to place universal borrowing requests for course textbooks, reference library copies, archive copies or individual copies of journals. You are not able to place universal borrowing requests if your borrowing rights are suspended. The number of renewals for universal borrowing loans is limited: For the OUAS 8 renewals and KUAS 10 renewals. Renewal is not possible if there are pending requests for the item in the owning library.

Log into your account in Oula-Finna.

Search for a book title. Go to the Other libraries tab to see the availability of the book in the universal borrowing libraries.

Select Place a universal borrowing request. If the Place a universal borrowing request link is not visible, go to the Holdings tab to view item information. The request link should appear.

The default pickup location is Pegasus Library.

This appears in the window that opens: Your request was successful. Interlibrary Loan Requests. Close.

To view your requests go to Your account > Universal borrowing requests.

You cannot cancel universal borrowing requests.

If you have any questions about universal borrowing, please contact Interlibrary Loan Service.