Online payment

Online payment is possible in Oula-Finna. Payment is possible through Finnish online banking services and by credit card.

Please note! Overdue fees are added to your account in Oula-Finna gradually as you renew your overdue loans. The total amount of the fees is not visible until you have renewed all your overdue loans. Loans can be renewed until the block limit (20€) is reached. To renew the rest of the loans, you must first pay the accumulated charges. The fee limit is 50€. If you reach the it before you have renewed all your loans, please contact the library via chat or by email.

Overdue fees for loans that are more than 38 days overdue cannot be paid in Oula-Finna. Please contact the library to settle them.

A. Paying library fees with Oula online payment

When you log into the Oula online catalogue, select Fines to view the outstanding fees on your account.

Before you pay online, please note that:

  • When you pay online, you cannot change the amount you pay, you must pay the total amount of the fees.
  • The maximum payable amount of overdue fees is 50 €. If the amount of your outstanding fees exceeds this, please contact the library ( before you pay. If you pay more, the exceeding sum will not be returned.
  • With online payment you can only pay fees for returned or renewed loans. If it says “Overdue, not returned” next to the fee, the fee cannot be paid until the loan has been renewed/returned.
  • For more information on library fees and how they accrue please see Fees
  • Online payment is not possible during service breaks.

To pay select 'Pay online'.

After you have paid, please remember to return to Oula so that the payment will be registered in the library system without delay.

B. Paying library fees in the libraries

  • In the Pegasus Library and Medical Library you can pay the fees by bank/credit card.

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